Thursday, January 15, 2009

No more EG lo !!!

YEA!!!!! Bernard juz replied wif gd news! there's a miscalculation in the marks and I should ve gotten a Credit for my EG. Though that also means dat i didn't do well for the final paper, was feeling relieved after so long. After all relieved and happiness felt, will have to act fast and request for withdrawal of the module.

Had also accomplish something which I've always wanted to do but didn't had the courage till 2 days ago. With Huiling's company, I went to...

donate blood! Haha.. Such a cute bandage given.. Guess it's to lighten up the mood of everyone as well as to indicate dat you've juz donated blood juz in case something to you within e next 2 hrs? Was feeling abit dizzy but guess it's becoz I happily walked to take bus followed by train before consuming those drinks and food given by them. But well, it feels great to be able to do some gd deeds. Huiling wanted to donate too,but well, she didn't met some of the criteria needed.
Kk.. time to get back to studies le. Better start working if I wanna enjoy my chinese new yr.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

School started!!!!

School has finally started and deadlines for assignments are coming in fast. Will be taking WIL2 , managing change, global marketing and investment this semester. At the same time, I'm still waiting nervously for the news from RMIT as well as SIM regarding my EG (Ethics and Governance) grade. Just spoke to the course coordinator on tuesday and was told that a reply will be given before chinese new year. That's about another 2 wks more to wait. Can't they just understand the feeling of students whom they left hanging in suspense? It's an absolute torture! It's even more terrible when I just dunno how to go about telling my parents that I might have failed a module. The terrible feeling of disappointing people around me.

Anyway, I was notified today that my application for overload is approved. That means I'll have to take 5 modules this semester, which equates to at least 6 projects to complete! Haha.. (And there's still no reply for my appeal)

But well, life still has to go on. Desmond and Shaun are flying off for overseas exchange to finish their last semester. Desmond's flying off in less than 5hours, first to Seattle for holiday before landing in Boston on 14th for school. Zhong Hao and Rikki, as well as many girls from NTU will be joinng him as well. Haha! As for Shaun, he'll be going to North Carolina with Yan Hao and Anastasia on the 9th. Bet you guys will enjoy yourself thoroughly! Well, guys, hope you'll have an enjoyable and safe trip! Remember to keep in touch =)

Frenz staying here with me, we'll be having a great time ahead too (I hope) ! The first upcoming task will be the stimulated employment interview on Monday. Let's jiayou ba!

Thursday, January 1, 2009


Hello! Finally after so long, I've created a blog of my own. It's a brand new start of the year! Hope it'll be a great year ahead for everybody =)