Friday, May 15, 2009

Life after exams

Time past really fast and it's the end of sem 6, which also marks the end of my uni life (praying hard nothing goes wrong :p). In a blink of eye, it's oredi friday, 4 days after my last paper. The most worrying paper should be the investment paper due to the wrong focus, with GM running up next since we din do well for the project.

Been busy meeting up frenz, going cycling, shopping etc. Life juz feel so gd though good things will ve to cum to an end the moment working life starts.

Tues: going shopping wif Clara, who've flew to Germany to join her bf by nw, enjoying her pre-"honeymoon".. Xing fu de nu ren!

Wed: went cycling wif lawrence followed by a yummy dinner at fish & co

the seafood platter...

Thurs: sort of babysitting nephew and niece while their parents went to ve haircut, in paragon

nephew getting along wif gals well, even holding hands to play together thogh barely knw each other for a few mins.. the joy of being a kid..

hyperactive niece couldn't wait to get of mum's lap to explore around =)

And of course todae (Fri): met up wif jiahe and stef before my interview, for lunch followed by a drink at a unique cafe located at a coner of bras brasah (lvl3).
my organice rosehip tea...

the relaxing ambience...

What a busy wk it has been! Hope to have a gd rest and a chance to slack at hm on e wkends.. Next wk will be another round of meet-ups wif frenz! Look forward to seeing e guys back so dat we can catch up real soon =)