Sunday, March 7, 2010

Working Life makes wkend more impt than ever

yea... everyone is so busy wif their work now.. it takes even more effort to meet up le.. so far, i can only say the best part i like abt working life is earning money and not juz simply spending.

Life in UOB allows mi to have a new exposure to the current society - hw realistic is this world. Well, but fortunately I get learn as well as meet a few great colleagues whom I knw I'll thank god or whoever gave mi the chance to meet them.

However, everyone has to grow up and step out of their comfort zone eventually. Hopefully, I'll find a longer term position, no matter is contract or perm, and try to learn and make the most of of my working life.

To all my frenz: work is nv ending, so let's rem to make some time for each other and keep in touch k? Frenz Foreva!!!

Sunday, October 4, 2009

New Happenings!!

Hello!!1 I'm Back!! Haha.. Been a long time since I last updated my blog le.. Frenz are like asking 'When are u gg to update?!'

Finally, I'm employed though it's only a temp job at UOB doing admin job. Was told by consultant dat there might be a chance for me to convert to perm when UOB does their headcount next yr. Meanwhile, I'm still going to keep hunting for a job which I like. It aren't going to be easy as mktg seems to be where many ppl are gg in and it really has many requirement to those gd job. One has to be creative, knowledgeable, charismatic etc. Will have to work hard to meet those requirement.

Time files and onvocation was more den 1mth ago. It has been coming 5mths since sch ends. Many frenz have oredi found jobs while they're still searching for the path which they wanna take. Different people have different piorities to accomplish.

It also feels different now, being attached. Family including cousins, aunts and frenz all came to know about it. Have to admit though I'm still getting used to it. Having to consider 1 more person's feelings while doing everything, isn't an easy task. Todae marks our 17th wk together. Dunno whether issit mi who's too sensitive or demanding, things juz seems to be changing. Both of us agreed dat though it's only a few mths, it seems like we've been together for very long. Whether it's gd or not, I dunno.....

Juz recently I've read an email from a fren, juz another mass email to everyone but yet, it makes mi think alot. The subject of the email is 'Did I marry the right person?'. Well, it also applies to ppl who're attached and not yet married too. Dun everyone ever questioned themselves whether 'this is the right guy/girl for mi?' ? Just as stated in the email, there's a cycle in every r/s. The beginning aka honeymoon period is always the sweetest. Gradually, things most probably fall into a usual routine or something de..

Well, at dis stage I'll stick to my usual quote, dat is,' Nv take anything for granted coz u'll not knw when u're gg to lose it'.

Now, back to happy events, I shall juz post a few graduation photos taken wif frenz =)

Really glad to have these friends and we really enjoyed ourselves =) More photos coming up! Be right back! =)