Sunday, March 7, 2010

Working Life makes wkend more impt than ever

yea... everyone is so busy wif their work now.. it takes even more effort to meet up le.. so far, i can only say the best part i like abt working life is earning money and not juz simply spending.

Life in UOB allows mi to have a new exposure to the current society - hw realistic is this world. Well, but fortunately I get learn as well as meet a few great colleagues whom I knw I'll thank god or whoever gave mi the chance to meet them.

However, everyone has to grow up and step out of their comfort zone eventually. Hopefully, I'll find a longer term position, no matter is contract or perm, and try to learn and make the most of of my working life.

To all my frenz: work is nv ending, so let's rem to make some time for each other and keep in touch k? Frenz Foreva!!!