Thursday, July 16, 2009

My personality report (done half heartedly though)

At a Glance

• Works hard, puts in long hours and keeps busy with work.

• Takes time over tasks, sees deadlines as flexible.

• Focused on tasks, persists until job is done.

• Objective, but may appear detached.

• Does not get involve in other's personal problems.

• Quiet and reserved, prefers own company.

• Avoids long-term or close interpersonal relationships.

• Less trusting, but has the skills to engage people to fulfill own objectives.

• Wants to lead people, has considerable influence over others.

While at Work

Diligence and discipline are characteristics of Ms Sim's work attitude. She is often pre-occupied with the tasks at hand. As she derives satisfaction from being immersed in work and thrives on being involved, expect Ms Sim to put in long and extended hours at work.

Time is not a major priority for Ms Sim. She is probably often late for appointments and may keep people waiting. She sees deadlines as flexible and takes her time to do things. She is not time-conscious when planning or organizing activities. Ms Sim may feel stressed and demotivated when she is rushed, and may not deliver results on time.

Ms Sim persists with a task until it is completed. Determination, commitment and perseverance are her strength; hence she can be depended upon to meet work obligations. Ms Sim is suitable for long-term projects because she is sufficiently focused to see them through completion.

Ms Sim is able to produce work that is moderately high in quality but she may at times be careless.

Ms Sim is an objective person who is impartial and rational. She speaks factually and often does not involve her own feelings and emotions. She may sometimes be perceived as distant or detached.

Ms Sim is selective in lending support to others. She often remains detached and unsympathetic. Ms Sim may not regard the welfare of another person as the most important aspect of their relationship. She is not likely to want to be involved in the problems of others unless necessary.

Being a shy, quiet and reserved person, Ms Sim prefers her own company and feels awkward when meeting people for the first time. In social gatherings, she tends to stay in the background.

Ms Sim is not one who prefers strong or deep bonds, and avoids close interpersonal relationships. She is reluctant to form attachments, preferring to keep people at a distance. She prefers relationships to remain casual and superficial.

Ms Sim is moderately serious about her responsibilities and selectively takes ownership of her work.

Ms Sim is moderately concerned with prestige, rank and reputation.

Ms Sim is skilful in managing people. She can be an excellent negotiator and is persuasive. She is also diplomatic and tactful in dealing with people. Ms Sim not only understands human behaviour and motives, she is also able to engage them to accomplish her objectives. Although curious and accurate about human nature, she neither trusts nor believes people easily.

Courage, vigour and initiative are some of the hallmarks of Ms Sim's character. She wants to lead direct and guide people in a certain direction. Because Ms Sim is confident, forward thinking and visionary, she commands respect and has considerable influence over others. She is able to harness the support of people.

Ms Sim is as keen to explore abstract concepts when the topic appeals to her and she is as interested to discuss theoretical issues as the average person.

Ms Sim puts in effort to plan ahead some of the times. She may at times not be as detailed in her planning.

Ms Sim is generally able to express herself although not to a high degree of eloquence.

since when life can become so gloomy?

finally managed to squeeze in some time to blog again.. hmm.. have been busy wif tons of stuff recently.. working at uncle's shop, giving tuition, meeting up wif frenz as well as job hunting.. seriously, the last thing i wanna hear now is 'have you found a job?' or 'how's ur job hunting?'. Fan si ren le.. Though i've to admit dat part of mi dun really feel like starting work yet..

gonna get busier dis coming wk as dad is gg for knee-cap surgery due to arthritis.. Fan ar.... things aren't getting better at work coz aunt is having mood swing etc.. sometimes will juz put on a 'i'm ur boss' attitude which is really annoying..

on the other hand, maybe things aren't dat bad with lawrence has been understanding and giving mi support.. but yea.. guess still need some time since have been used to do thing alone etc.. the mental stress and pressure juz seems to get bigger and heavier..

kk.. gonna wrap things up and call it a day soon. tml is another long day where there's another tuition session after work at uncle's shop..

hope to brb wif another more happier post soon..