Sunday, October 4, 2009

New Happenings!!

Hello!!1 I'm Back!! Haha.. Been a long time since I last updated my blog le.. Frenz are like asking 'When are u gg to update?!'

Finally, I'm employed though it's only a temp job at UOB doing admin job. Was told by consultant dat there might be a chance for me to convert to perm when UOB does their headcount next yr. Meanwhile, I'm still going to keep hunting for a job which I like. It aren't going to be easy as mktg seems to be where many ppl are gg in and it really has many requirement to those gd job. One has to be creative, knowledgeable, charismatic etc. Will have to work hard to meet those requirement.

Time files and onvocation was more den 1mth ago. It has been coming 5mths since sch ends. Many frenz have oredi found jobs while they're still searching for the path which they wanna take. Different people have different piorities to accomplish.

It also feels different now, being attached. Family including cousins, aunts and frenz all came to know about it. Have to admit though I'm still getting used to it. Having to consider 1 more person's feelings while doing everything, isn't an easy task. Todae marks our 17th wk together. Dunno whether issit mi who's too sensitive or demanding, things juz seems to be changing. Both of us agreed dat though it's only a few mths, it seems like we've been together for very long. Whether it's gd or not, I dunno.....

Juz recently I've read an email from a fren, juz another mass email to everyone but yet, it makes mi think alot. The subject of the email is 'Did I marry the right person?'. Well, it also applies to ppl who're attached and not yet married too. Dun everyone ever questioned themselves whether 'this is the right guy/girl for mi?' ? Just as stated in the email, there's a cycle in every r/s. The beginning aka honeymoon period is always the sweetest. Gradually, things most probably fall into a usual routine or something de..

Well, at dis stage I'll stick to my usual quote, dat is,' Nv take anything for granted coz u'll not knw when u're gg to lose it'.

Now, back to happy events, I shall juz post a few graduation photos taken wif frenz =)

Really glad to have these friends and we really enjoyed ourselves =) More photos coming up! Be right back! =)

Thursday, July 16, 2009

My personality report (done half heartedly though)

At a Glance

• Works hard, puts in long hours and keeps busy with work.

• Takes time over tasks, sees deadlines as flexible.

• Focused on tasks, persists until job is done.

• Objective, but may appear detached.

• Does not get involve in other's personal problems.

• Quiet and reserved, prefers own company.

• Avoids long-term or close interpersonal relationships.

• Less trusting, but has the skills to engage people to fulfill own objectives.

• Wants to lead people, has considerable influence over others.

While at Work

Diligence and discipline are characteristics of Ms Sim's work attitude. She is often pre-occupied with the tasks at hand. As she derives satisfaction from being immersed in work and thrives on being involved, expect Ms Sim to put in long and extended hours at work.

Time is not a major priority for Ms Sim. She is probably often late for appointments and may keep people waiting. She sees deadlines as flexible and takes her time to do things. She is not time-conscious when planning or organizing activities. Ms Sim may feel stressed and demotivated when she is rushed, and may not deliver results on time.

Ms Sim persists with a task until it is completed. Determination, commitment and perseverance are her strength; hence she can be depended upon to meet work obligations. Ms Sim is suitable for long-term projects because she is sufficiently focused to see them through completion.

Ms Sim is able to produce work that is moderately high in quality but she may at times be careless.

Ms Sim is an objective person who is impartial and rational. She speaks factually and often does not involve her own feelings and emotions. She may sometimes be perceived as distant or detached.

Ms Sim is selective in lending support to others. She often remains detached and unsympathetic. Ms Sim may not regard the welfare of another person as the most important aspect of their relationship. She is not likely to want to be involved in the problems of others unless necessary.

Being a shy, quiet and reserved person, Ms Sim prefers her own company and feels awkward when meeting people for the first time. In social gatherings, she tends to stay in the background.

Ms Sim is not one who prefers strong or deep bonds, and avoids close interpersonal relationships. She is reluctant to form attachments, preferring to keep people at a distance. She prefers relationships to remain casual and superficial.

Ms Sim is moderately serious about her responsibilities and selectively takes ownership of her work.

Ms Sim is moderately concerned with prestige, rank and reputation.

Ms Sim is skilful in managing people. She can be an excellent negotiator and is persuasive. She is also diplomatic and tactful in dealing with people. Ms Sim not only understands human behaviour and motives, she is also able to engage them to accomplish her objectives. Although curious and accurate about human nature, she neither trusts nor believes people easily.

Courage, vigour and initiative are some of the hallmarks of Ms Sim's character. She wants to lead direct and guide people in a certain direction. Because Ms Sim is confident, forward thinking and visionary, she commands respect and has considerable influence over others. She is able to harness the support of people.

Ms Sim is as keen to explore abstract concepts when the topic appeals to her and she is as interested to discuss theoretical issues as the average person.

Ms Sim puts in effort to plan ahead some of the times. She may at times not be as detailed in her planning.

Ms Sim is generally able to express herself although not to a high degree of eloquence.

since when life can become so gloomy?

finally managed to squeeze in some time to blog again.. hmm.. have been busy wif tons of stuff recently.. working at uncle's shop, giving tuition, meeting up wif frenz as well as job hunting.. seriously, the last thing i wanna hear now is 'have you found a job?' or 'how's ur job hunting?'. Fan si ren le.. Though i've to admit dat part of mi dun really feel like starting work yet..

gonna get busier dis coming wk as dad is gg for knee-cap surgery due to arthritis.. Fan ar.... things aren't getting better at work coz aunt is having mood swing etc.. sometimes will juz put on a 'i'm ur boss' attitude which is really annoying..

on the other hand, maybe things aren't dat bad with lawrence has been understanding and giving mi support.. but yea.. guess still need some time since have been used to do thing alone etc.. the mental stress and pressure juz seems to get bigger and heavier..

kk.. gonna wrap things up and call it a day soon. tml is another long day where there's another tuition session after work at uncle's shop..

hope to brb wif another more happier post soon..

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Welcome back !! =)

Desmond and Shaun are back from US!! Haha.. Miss hanging out wif these guys la.. Finally get to meet them todae and do some catching up after so long =)

We still have lots to catch u guys ! =p

Shaun, with his super long yet cool hairstyle (abit like mushroom leh.. :p)

The sad Eeyore which was brought back by Desmond for mi, all the way from Disney =)
Thanks, Desmond !

Friday, May 15, 2009

Life after exams

Time past really fast and it's the end of sem 6, which also marks the end of my uni life (praying hard nothing goes wrong :p). In a blink of eye, it's oredi friday, 4 days after my last paper. The most worrying paper should be the investment paper due to the wrong focus, with GM running up next since we din do well for the project.

Been busy meeting up frenz, going cycling, shopping etc. Life juz feel so gd though good things will ve to cum to an end the moment working life starts.

Tues: going shopping wif Clara, who've flew to Germany to join her bf by nw, enjoying her pre-"honeymoon".. Xing fu de nu ren!

Wed: went cycling wif lawrence followed by a yummy dinner at fish & co

the seafood platter...

Thurs: sort of babysitting nephew and niece while their parents went to ve haircut, in paragon

nephew getting along wif gals well, even holding hands to play together thogh barely knw each other for a few mins.. the joy of being a kid..

hyperactive niece couldn't wait to get of mum's lap to explore around =)

And of course todae (Fri): met up wif jiahe and stef before my interview, for lunch followed by a drink at a unique cafe located at a coner of bras brasah (lvl3).
my organice rosehip tea...

the relaxing ambience...

What a busy wk it has been! Hope to have a gd rest and a chance to slack at hm on e wkends.. Next wk will be another round of meet-ups wif frenz! Look forward to seeing e guys back so dat we can catch up real soon =)

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Where is happiness?

It's a period where everyone is busy preparing for exams. And for ppl like us, it'll be the last exam as an undergraduate. Along wif revisions, some stuff have juz occupied my mind which makes mi quite confused at e moment.

As mentioned before, humans are juz like onions where each and everyone of us have many layers or rather "faces". Recently, someone has caused mi to start questioning abt myself, juz hw many "faces" I've and hw well do i understand myself. Wat do I like and want exactly?

Trust is an intangible asset which many of us possess. Only to people whom we trust that we're willing to expose ourselves, and ti the extent of placing ourselves in their hands. Maybe by nature, I'm pretty risk adverse in nature especially when it comes to relationships. The fear of pain and disappointment which tends to hold mi back and even retreat.

Currently, I'm still standing still though there's still the urgue of retreating. However, if i dun gif myself as well as the other a chance, how would i knw whether my happiness is right here? As usual, it's easier said than done. Though answer is clear, but am I willing and ready to face it? If I dun grab hold of it now, will i regret when it slips thru my fingers? So many "if" and "wat if".

In the past, solution like "let nature takes its course" and "let fate decide" will surfaced like a life line. Sometimes, juz simply envious of frenz who are brave enough to express themselves and take steps forward in pursuing their dreams and happiness. Only then, you'll know what you want and fight for it. That brought another quote to my mind, "cherish wat you've coz you nv knw when you'll lose it".

Guess I'll juz stop here and get back to my revision le.. Not very confident in this exam as the semester has passed in a blink of eye and nothing much is really registered in mind. Haha.. Jiayou!!!!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

a great loss in the music industry..

Ah Sang, a great singer who has touched many music lovers with her melancholy voice, has juz died of breast cancer on the 6th Apr 2009. This has juz make mi realise once again dat nv take things for granted. Cherish wat u've coz u'll nv knw when will u lose it.
This is 1 of my favorite songs sang by her.


叶子 是不会飞翔的翅膀
翅膀 是落在天上的叶子
天堂 原来应该不是妄想
只是我早已经遗忘 当初怎麽开始飞翔

孤单 是一个人的狂欢
狂欢 是一群人的孤单
爱情 原来的开始是陪伴
但我也渐渐地遗忘 当时是怎样有人陪伴

也一个人看书写信 自己对话谈心
只是心又飘到了哪里 就连自己看也看不清

也一个人看书写信 自己对话谈心

孤单是一个人的狂欢 狂欢是一群人的孤单
但我也渐渐地遗忘 当时是怎样有人陪伴

也一个人看书写信 自己对话谈心



Thursday, April 9, 2009


It has been so long since i last stepped into S'pore Conference Hall. This time, it is to witness the current Chong Boon band earning their silver medal for SYF after so long. i'm really proud of them as they've shown the capability of adapting and putting in hard work though the new conductor, mr chiang has juz took over for less than 2 yrs. Thank u, mr chiang, for helping the band to get back on their feet and earn back the honor we used to have.

Mr Darence Leng, our dearest conductor were there as well, bring one of his many bands, Bartley Secondary band. All of us, not only the current band members but also the alumni were very sad that he has to leave Chong Boon due to a mistake in letting 1 alumni to play in the SYF 2007. What's really horrible is dat the then assistant conductor was suspected in reporting this to the SYF committee after some self-investigation. We juz can't accept that hw one can turn and bite the hand that feed him? It was Mr Leng who helped and brought him into this job.

Alumni like mi, have been going back less often since Mr leng left, also partially due to our own workload. What really make my day (08 April 09) is when Mr leng said "I'll be back so u alumni muz be united". When i told hui shan that nite, her response is juz like many of us - "i'm most willing and ready to get back when he's back". And yes, we're all ready and on stand-by juz waiting for u, Mr Leng. Quoting hui shan, " other den my parents, he's the person i respected most". It was him indeed,who help us found the passion in playing and creating music.

Other den dis, dis sem has also made mi think and reflect alot. Firstly, i'm not as independent as i've tot myself to be. It was until last nite that I've admitted dat i'm quite reliant on hui shan. that's partially y the feeling of a little lost and hurt as well as pissed when she placed greater importance on her bf.

This brings on another issue in trusting on others. Everyone has dis defensive wall in them which is used to protect themselves. Only certain ppl are allowed in this "no entry aka dangerous" area. This will thus reduce the risk of getting hurt by someone who means alot to u. but this will also means that whoever cares will ve to spend extra effort and patience so as to gain the entry to this zone as well..

Human has many faces and sides and most of the time, it is used to protect himself. But only to whom are u able to show ur true self to ? that i really wonder... especially when it concern ur heart..

I've always tot that human psychology is intriguing and have been wanting to study it in more depth. However, dis recent yrs have juz shown mi hw complicated it is.. Maybe it's not only complicated in nature but also complicated by mi.. Frenz like Huiling and huishan have been telling mi dat i tend to think too much.. sometimes, really ve to follow ur heart. only then u'll be really happy and even if u get hurt, u'll not regret ur decision.

outings !!

Right after handing in the investment project, we gals (sandra, zorah and huiling) went straight to ps to gai gai.. Went to gelare to rest our feets and pamper ourselves!

Next day, after last inv class, we continued pampering ourselves by going sushi-tei at Holland V and kbox with lawrence. Haha.. Due to our eagerness, didn't manage to take photo of the food except for a few. It's also my first time trying sashimi as well as sake.

Maybe it's not very clear in the pic but huiling and lawrence went red after drinking choya and sake respectively.. hehe..
We were so high after dinner dat someone suggested going kbox. haha.. guess we were all juz veru relieved to finish our investment project. Was stuck at certain parts for so long den we began to panic hw to go on.
Hereby, muz really thank all frenz, especially Lawrence and Jiahe, for their help. Without them, we might still be stuck. Lawrence even had to be our advisor (coming down to sch juz to help us) cum dinner delivery when we were in sch on sat nite though it was raining. Thanks, Lawrence!
Time to get back to revision for exams after a short break. Let's jiayou together and do well for dis exam!!!! Kambadei =)

assignments over !!!

yesterday was the day for the last assignment, presentation for global marketing.. haha.. was initially taking it easy till i was about to have a rehearsal wif my grp. i knw very well my part very well, but again maybe i'm juz not used to speaking in front of audience, being the centre of everyone's attention.

juz as wat i've told some of u, huiling and i've decided to do peer evaluation for dis assignment. grp mates weren't willing to do it at first, all but the person whom we're displeased wif the most. however, wat's surprising is dat e member who tried to persuade us to drop it turned out to be the one who failed her own grp mate. this really makes mi wonder wat's exactly is human nature. for one, it's really the selfishness. thinking back, her reason for not doing it was that it'll affect everyone's grade. (guess she's juz afraid that her grades will be affected)

juz checked out another assignment's result. felt really relieved that so far, all results were ok. hope to clear dis last sem smoothly and if can, scored well to help raise my gpa. sad to say so but this world is juz so realistic. without sensible grades, it seems like one's not dat capable afterall.

Anyway, many ppl have started finding jobs and heard that things aren't looking gd. On the other hand, some coursemates are happily planning for graduating trip. haha.. guess it's really up to one to decide wat u want and hw r u going to achieve it.

Saturday, February 7, 2009


CNY is coming to an end le.. Well, somehow as we gets older, CNY doesn't seems to be as fun as a few yrs back. Finally handed in WIL 2 Indiv assignment but have to admit that it's not really well done. Feb to March will be busy period for everyone, with 2 projects along with 2 test due in a month's time.. Sounds crazy isn't it? haha.. I'll sail through it! Time to gather up self-discipline to get all those work done. Dunno y but seems a little lost ever since school started. Feeling abit panicky since I dun seems to have absorb nor understand any of the lessons till now. Something is not right and I better fix it.

Well, it has been almost a month since Shaun and Desmond flew to US. Sort of miss them being around. On top of that, Hui shan is still in the honeymoon period with her bf. Well, other den trying to be considerate, guess there's nothing I can do. Anyway, who am I sia? Just like what Shuan has said, who am I to her? Haha.. who knws maybe the guy might be the one for her. I guess different ppl have different priorities ba.. I've read it somewhere dat " a true friend is not only there for u when u're down, but also sincerely happy for u when u succeed". Meanwhile, I'm really thankful to have Huiling around, for school work and as a friend.

Here's another quote which I think is very meaningful : " to love is to risk not being loved in return; to hope is to risk feeling the pain; to try is to risk failure; however the greatest hazard in life is to risk nothing"。

Everyone's tolerance level is different after all.

Let's work hard together for the last sem! When there's a will, there's a way! Jiayou Jiayou Jiayou! =)

Thursday, January 15, 2009

No more EG lo !!!

YEA!!!!! Bernard juz replied wif gd news! there's a miscalculation in the marks and I should ve gotten a Credit for my EG. Though that also means dat i didn't do well for the final paper, was feeling relieved after so long. After all relieved and happiness felt, will have to act fast and request for withdrawal of the module.

Had also accomplish something which I've always wanted to do but didn't had the courage till 2 days ago. With Huiling's company, I went to...

donate blood! Haha.. Such a cute bandage given.. Guess it's to lighten up the mood of everyone as well as to indicate dat you've juz donated blood juz in case something to you within e next 2 hrs? Was feeling abit dizzy but guess it's becoz I happily walked to take bus followed by train before consuming those drinks and food given by them. But well, it feels great to be able to do some gd deeds. Huiling wanted to donate too,but well, she didn't met some of the criteria needed.
Kk.. time to get back to studies le. Better start working if I wanna enjoy my chinese new yr.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

School started!!!!

School has finally started and deadlines for assignments are coming in fast. Will be taking WIL2 , managing change, global marketing and investment this semester. At the same time, I'm still waiting nervously for the news from RMIT as well as SIM regarding my EG (Ethics and Governance) grade. Just spoke to the course coordinator on tuesday and was told that a reply will be given before chinese new year. That's about another 2 wks more to wait. Can't they just understand the feeling of students whom they left hanging in suspense? It's an absolute torture! It's even more terrible when I just dunno how to go about telling my parents that I might have failed a module. The terrible feeling of disappointing people around me.

Anyway, I was notified today that my application for overload is approved. That means I'll have to take 5 modules this semester, which equates to at least 6 projects to complete! Haha.. (And there's still no reply for my appeal)

But well, life still has to go on. Desmond and Shaun are flying off for overseas exchange to finish their last semester. Desmond's flying off in less than 5hours, first to Seattle for holiday before landing in Boston on 14th for school. Zhong Hao and Rikki, as well as many girls from NTU will be joinng him as well. Haha! As for Shaun, he'll be going to North Carolina with Yan Hao and Anastasia on the 9th. Bet you guys will enjoy yourself thoroughly! Well, guys, hope you'll have an enjoyable and safe trip! Remember to keep in touch =)

Frenz staying here with me, we'll be having a great time ahead too (I hope) ! The first upcoming task will be the stimulated employment interview on Monday. Let's jiayou ba!

Thursday, January 1, 2009


Hello! Finally after so long, I've created a blog of my own. It's a brand new start of the year! Hope it'll be a great year ahead for everybody =)